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Reviews: Classic Kruger National Park Safari

Classic Kruger National Park Safari

Classic Kruger safari - All accommodation in private en-suite cottages in five Kruger locations

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This Trip Reviews

Client: Roland and Helen Agard - from United Kingdom
Trip: This Trip: Classic Kruger National Park Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: One word sums up our experience and our view and that is ‘Outstanding’. There are many other words that we could use: ‘Exceptional’, ‘Superlative’, ‘Unparalleled. I think you get the picture. This was my fourth safari and most definitely the best that I have been on.

If would-be safari goers want to have a safari experience where they are educated, enlightened, enriched as a result of the experience then they need look no further. Our safari was so much more than sitting in truck for several hours a day being shepherded to where the Big Five are. Safaris are also about the amazing array of birds, the trees and flora, as well as the insects and reptiles. My interests in ornithology especially and also in photography have now been taken to another level.

It was nice being part of small group. There were 5 of us in our vehicle, excluding Neil, and I believe that the safari operators does do not usually arrange safaris where there would be more than 8 in a vehicle. Smaller groups work best on this sort of experience in our opinion – we felt far more engaged than we would have been had we been in a much larger group and our inquisitiveness, thirst for knowledge and further understanding was satisfied as Neil was able to give us personal attention and responses. Friendships with others in the vehicle were also formed and we are looking forward to sharing our photos we them, and them with us.

The Team (Neil, Alistair and Tina) are fantastic in performing their respective roles:

- Neil’s knowledge of the bush is phenomenal and he conveys that knowledge in a way that leaves you hanging on to every word. Neil has firm views on conservation and also on the adaption of species to their environment, rather than the Darwinist ‘fittest of the fittest’ beliefs and theories on evolution. We had numerous interesting conversations / discussions on these subjects. Using a photographers’ analogy … Neil is a lens through which you can see and understand things that you would otherwise only in part grasp.

- Alistair is a most engaging individual and the food he prepares is exactly what is needed on this sort of holiday. He is a great host and very attentive to his guests, ensuring that they are well fed and watered (or whatever other refreshing beverage suits their palate).

- Tina is very well organised and nothing is too much trouble, from the initial booking to arranging overnight hotel accommodation at the Golfer’s Lodge so that next day flight connections from Jo’burg O.R Tambo International Airport to the Nelspruit Airport in the Kruger National Park were met.

As to an overall score, it can only be a 10 / excellent ! I would most highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in going on safari.
Client: Phil and Trish Davies - from Indonesia
Trip: This Trip: Classic Kruger National Park Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: As with any internet sourced holiday experience there is always a degree of hesitation about the final choice. Will it live up to expectation? Will it be value for money? Will it ... all travelers know the myriad of questions associated with these decision making processes.

The operator gets our vote for being all that we had hoped for and more. Neil and Tina in the pre-departure phase could not have been more helpful. Their communications were prompt, friendly and detailed and they gave a lot of time to ensuring that our unique queries were also answered in full. They also suggested an add on walking tour with another company, in the Timbavati region of the Greater Kruger that provided another dimension to our holiday.

On meeting Niel and Gordon at the start of the safari it was obvious that we were going to experience a level of knowledge about the bush as well as hospitality that exceeded our expectations. Neil's extensive knowledge of savanna ecosystems and his specialised knowledge of the Kruger National Park in particular, provided us with levels of insights that would not have been gained through a self drive / travel book tour around the Kruger. Traveling with Niel is much much more that seeing African wildlife; it is about about environmental sustainability, bird and animal behaviour, and an immersion into a world that he loves and delight in sharing with a passion.

The small size of the group means that their safaris are also about personal individualised touches and 'butler-like' service. Excellent home cooked meals shared with Neil and Gordon also gave us an opportunity to find out a lot more about modern South Africa through their eyes. Our accommodation, in permanent camps in the Kruger Park, enabled many a conversation with ( mostly South African) fellow travellers. Our meal time chats will be fondly remembered.

Our game drives and morning walk have given us a huge insight into one small part of Africa. At all times Neil was extremely safety conscious, though this did not mean that some very up close encounters with the animals of his world did not happen. Our safari allowed us to see, learn and recognise that being part of bush life on a daily basis is about cycles of life and death yet above all survival. Any safari is definitely about luck and being at the right place at the right time (we waited 10 days to see a lion yet chanced upon a leopard climbing a tree to devour its kill). It is also about an ever present anticipation about what might be around the next corner. With this safari another dimension was added to that mix - Neil's skill in the bush, his affinity with it and his knowledge of its complexities.
Client: Liz - from Australia
Trip: This Trip: Classic Kruger National Park Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Our Kruger Safari was a truly memorable experience and exceeded our expectation with the number of animal sightings and knowledge gained.

We encountered a couple unusual happenings, one with a small group of Impala and another with some Baboons, which added to our experience.

We found in Neil, a person with a vast knowledge of the Kruger, not only in the animal and bird life, but the environment as well.

The service provided was excellent and would not hesitate in recommending this operator.
Client: Bev Whitley - from United Kingdom
Trip: This Trip: Classic Kruger National Park Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I cannot possibly say enough about Neil & Doug to really portray what an amazing time we had with them.

Neil spent a lot of time, even before we had committed to go with them, developing the perfect safari itinerary for us, based on his knowledge and our preferences. On the trip, they could not have done more. Every tiny detail was thought of, and we were thoroughly pampered from the minute we woke to the time we went to bed.

Most importantly though, Neil's knowledge of everything that is Kruger was astounding, and he shares ths knowledge with such enthusiasm that it's contagious. The safari experience felt so unique, as rather than rushing round ticking off animals against a checklist, we spent many hours just sitting watching and observing the behaviour of the animals - we were never in a rush. And we saw just about every creature we could ever think of.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone that was even thinking about a safari.
Client: Linda and Angela - from Sweden
Trip: This Trip: Classic Kruger National Park Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: The safari with Neil and Doug was perfect from the beginning 'til the end.

We were only two people and that's quite something that they specialise the safari just for you.
Thank you so much, we'll recommend you to all our near and dear ones and others when chance given.
Client: Catherine - from United States
Trip: This Trip: Classic Kruger National Park Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Our safari was 1st class from the moment we were met by Doug at the airport until Neil safely returned us a week later.

We were treated to a cosy night at the 5th Ave. Guesthouse before meeting up with Neil in the Kruger by lunch Saturday. Roadside elephant ettiquette, grounded hornbills and a couple of impala later we settle into our lodge. Lions basking in the early rays of dawn; rhino, buffalo and graceful giraffe by morning tea. Elephants bathing in the afternoon heat, zebras prancing, lilac-breasted rollers and a tree full of vultures. After a brief encounter with a leopard, we milk the purple African sunset all the way back to our lodge, to be greeted by Mr Doug, a pink G'N'T and a gourmet dinner

....... Just another day on our Safari. Already planning our next Adventure"
Client: Richard E. Triemer, - from United States
Trip: This Trip: Classic Kruger National Park Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: The safari operator provided all we had hoped for and more.

From the very first moment we were treated as special guests. The transport and accommodations were all first class, but what made the trip really special was the knowledge and expertise of Neil, our guide and leader. His knowledge of animal behavior and his interest in transmitting that knowledge to us was marvelous and made seeing each of the individual species extra special.

I also cannot end without thanking Doug, our chef, for providing marvelous cuisine in the bush. I can recommend this operator without reservation, and if we do get the chance to return to Africa, we will certainly use their services again.

Thanks for a great safari!
Client: Mike and Irene Snelling - from United Kingdom
Trip: This Trip: Classic Kruger National Park Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We thoroughly enjoyed our safari.We were looked after very well from the moment we arrived in Johannesburg.

The accommodation and food were very good throughout our trip. Kruger was beautiful and impressive and we would very much have liked to stay longer. Neil and Doug were very good company and organised everything very well.

Shimuwini was a beautiful place and very atmospheric (with the background of Hippo grunts and the male lion roaring and the Spotted Hyena calling near the camp each night).Talamati was also a great place to stay.There was a profusion of animals, birds, butterflies and even fish and reptiles and Neil made sure we were able to enjoy them in comfort.
Client: Ingun Laupet - from Norway
Trip: This Trip: Classic Kruger National Park Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We had a great time in the Kruger!

They had booked us into excellent accomodation, and when our plans had to be changed due to heavy rainfall, flooded camps and closed roads, Neil found great replacement accomodations. When it came to animals and wildlife we saw more than we expected, and Neil's knowledge of animal behaviour and the bush in general made it an unforgettable experience.

We had an adventure-filled high luxury holiday, unmatched in the life of these two backpackers. :)
Client: Michele John - from Australia
Trip: This Trip: Classic Kruger National Park Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: When I think of Safaris in South Africa I think of this one. I wont be able to try another operator for fear it cant live up to my expectations having just completed the 'Classic' 5 day Kruger National Park Safari.

From the knowledge and commitment of the Tour operator, to the excellent accommodation sites chosen, the fantastic Chef created meals to the wonderful itinerary planned ..... the 'Big 5' were only one part of a truly enjoyable and memorable experience!"

Michele John Perth, Western Australia.

This Operator Reviews

Client: Sheila Engel - from Canada
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: A friend and I did a 7 day safari on Feb. 7 2018 in Kruger National Park with this safari company which I found on your listings. I highly recommend this safari to everyone. Right from the time I enquirer about the safari to actually booking it, they provided suggestions and recommendations and help with flights and hotels from Johannesburg to Nelspruit. Tina was great to work with and handled everything from the minute we hit the ground in Nelspruit.

Neil was our guide and meet us at the Malelane gates of Kruger where our amazing experience began. Neil is so knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about everything to do with the animals and their surroundings that whatever you think you know you will learn more. The whole safari, from beginning to end was so enjoyable and we learned so much. Everybody would be humbled by this amazing experience.

All our meals were provided and Alistair was our chef, camp organizer and close friend of Neil’s, who started each of our mornings with coffee and rusks. After our morning game drive we would return to a fabulous breakfast. After each afternoon safari we came back to camp to a wonderful gourmet dinner that Alistair and Neil would prepared. It was like having dinner with close friends, great stories were shared, politics pondered and the wonders of the day relived. I need to go back and do a 15 day tour with this fabulous company.
Client: M Kay Hearn - from Australia
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Well what a wonderful full time we had, our guide was so passionate about the animals and knows their habits. We saw a lot more than I thought I would, all due to his great knowledge of the Kruger animals.

We took our time and spent a long tine at the waterholes, which was great as we saw the first lot of animals was rhino, Impala, zebra, warthog, and then the rhinos left and all the elephants moved in with their young antics, it was really great to watch, and the first time I have actually got photos with a variety of animals around a waterhole. We saw a leopard and followed him for about 10 minutes, we could have stayed longer but we also appreciated that he was on a mission and should be left alone to do so.

The accommodation was nice and again the first hour we had 7 rhino walking past..bonus, plus over the 5 days elephant, baboons, all sorts of antelope, it was great.

Our guide also had a great knowledge of all the birds and we had good photos of them as well.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Client: Cheryl Hackett - from United States
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Trip was excellent, from planning through delivery at airport for flight home. We were a bit nervous, planning & paying for a trip directly through an African company. But, it all went off without a hitch!

Tina, Neil & Alistar were all very attentive to our needs in their individual and collective capacities.

We enjoyed the safari itself immensely, sighting all kinds of wildlife, even a pangolin! Although, we weren't "birders", Neil even made the bird sightings interesting and informative!

We would highly recommend this company!
Client: Henry de Labouchere - from Switzerland
Trip: Private Family Safari to Kruger National Park
Rating: rating 4.5/5
Comment: The 7-day safari was perfect.

Neil is amazing. A walking encyclopedia on animal behavior, on plants and bird songs. And he has a great sense of humor to boot! We saw the big five !

We were out every day for many hours of fabulous animal and bird-watching, and Neil always had fascinating details for the five of us. Our 2 adult kids were absolutely enthralled by him as well!

Alistair is a great cook and organizer, so we enjoyed the “after-safaris” as well.

I highly recommend this safari operator.
Client: Kevan Wylie - from United Kingdom
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 4.5/5
Comment: We very much enjoyed the holiday.

The only anxiety we had was having to make a bank transfer and not be able to pay by credit card. However, the company is very honest and provided everything that was promised and that we expected – including the discount - alongside lots of amiable safari rides for the 5 days. The food and accommodation was very good and we would strongly recommend the company to others.

I hope we can visit Africa again and will use your portal having now had two very successful safaris.
Client: Chris Johnson - from United States
Trip: Private Family Safari to Kruger National Park
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: This past June we had the pleasure of spending a week with in the Kruger. My husband and I and two children, ages 8 and 9, had the trip of a lifetime.

The fauna, the flora, the history, and the scenery were unforgettable. But most of all, we enjoyed the company and guidance provided by Neil and Alistair. Neil had an uncanny ability to connect with each one of us in a special way, and rapidly identified our individual interests. He satiated us with loads of information beyond our expectations. He answered our many, many questions patiently and indulged us with explanations about the nuances of the animals’ behaviors.

Alistair was a great cook, host, and conversationalist. Our girls still talk about the biscuits for breakfast! The evenings by the fire were as memorable as our daytime drives. We saw everything we wanted to see and much more --- SO MUCH more! By the way, if you don’t like bugs and snakes, go in the winter; not one of us got one bite (neither snake nor mosquito).

If you’re looking for a personalized experience in this magical national park, you could do no better than spending time with Neil and Alistair. Your trip will be “cool bananas!” The tour operator is a gem of an operation.
Client: JosephineTan - from Singapore
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I just returned from the most wonderful holiday in Africa! It's my first visit and it will certainly not be my last.

The Safari in the Kruger was fantastic.

Tina is the most efficient communicator and she ensured we were taken care of, even calling to say hello and goodbye from JoBurg!

Next came Neil who was our safari expert for 5 days. Neil taught us so much, not just about the wildlife and plants, also the respect and passion he has for the land and all that's in the bush. Neil is much more than a safari guide, he is Kruger's keeper! And Alastair, who kept us all well fed, not just with great food, also with his excellent humour and all round hospitality.

Now I am planning my next trip to Africa and will certainly turn to your website for ideas and suggestions. Thank you for the great site and keep up the good work.
Client: Nicole Poulin - from Canada
Trip: 15-Day North to South Adventure Kruger Safari
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Thank you for the follow-up and for asking me for my feedback on my safari/holiday.

I just came back from a week in the Kruger Park . We had the priviledge to see the "big-5" (some of them more than once) and about 30 different species of animals. It was a fantastic experience! The service provided by this tour operator was excellent!

Our guide, Neil, shared his passion and his extensive knowledge of the Kruger and went out of its way to meet our needs. It didn't go unnoticed and was really appreciated by everyone! We were also thoroughly spoilt by Gordon who managed to cook fabulous meals for everybody's taste.

Without Tina's patience who looked after all the arrangements/logistics and her personal touch this fabulous trip wouldn't have been possible.

I am definitely looking forward to another adventure with them and would certainly recommend them to others.

Nicole from Canada (living in Egypt)
Client: Brenda Travers - from United States
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: My daughter and I had an incredible journey.

The Kruger was more impressive than we could have imagined and our guide, Neil, was knowledgeable about the birds, the animals, and the plants and trees. His passion for the park was obvious and one can understand why. The food provided was excellent, plentiful and always served with a smile by Gordon.

We thought the trip was very reasonably priced and would recommend the tour operator to others.
Client: Sonja Petersen - from United States
Trip: currently unavailable
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We had an amazing experience. Neil, our guide and company owner (with his wife Tina) is an incredible guide. His knowledge of the animals, but also of the environment, botany, astronomy, and particularly of the behavioral sciences was fascinating and enhanced the experience so much.

We feel so fortunate to have seen these amazing animals in their natural surroundings, but also to hear the stories behind their behaviors. Many people here in the Kruger drive themselves on self-tours, and while this experience is probably wonderful, they are missing so much by not having the expertise of someone who understands this environment like Neil does. If you are looking to truly experience the African bush, rather than just chasing the Big 5, I would whole-heartedly recommend this tour operator.

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Classic Kruger National Park Safari

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