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Reviews: Morocco Mountains & Beach Tour

Morocco Mountains & Beach Tour

We designed this private tour to explore the hidden Berber villages of the high atlas and to explore the magnificent Beach of Morocco.

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Client: Naimah - from Malaysia
Trip: Eternal Imperial Cities & High Atlas of Morocco
Rating: rating 4/5
Comment: We are now back home after a lovely holiday in Morocco. Morocco is beautiful and the people are very warm and friendly.

With one or two exceptions, we have no major complaints with the tour. Our driver Mohamed was excellent; he was helpful and sorted out our problems in no time at all. He drove at a good pace and was also informative. He also ensured that we were comfortable and were enjoying the trip.

The Riads are beautiful but I think that for the first two at least, they were not quite suitable for the winter. They were too cold and would have been quite lovely if we were there in the summer. All the other riads were not only excellent but their staff and hospitality were impeccable.

The tour itself was just nice, not too long and not too short (I sound like Goldilocks) Hisham, our guide in Fez was good. He was very knowledgeable and very informative.

Other than the cold riads, (and the fact that my son had food poisoning on the second day in Fez) we were very happy with the tour and would recommend this tour and the tour operator highly
Client: Nicola Rethman - from South Africa
Trip: Eternal Imperial Cities & High Atlas of Morocco
Rating: rating 4.5/5
Comment: Morocco is a beautiful country and I thought the most ‘undersold’ parts were the best – Fes & surrounds, Ourika Valley. I found Marrakech a bit disappointing and Casablanca a big bore (but perhaps both were because I ended up travelling alone – not intended – and hence could not enjoy the night life). The amount of construction on the seafront areas of the Atlantic coast was quite a surprise and limits what one can actually see. Next time I would add the Med coast; the Sahara and the Southern part of the country to my itinerary.

Services provided by the operator were generally good, although the itinerary provided was a bit different to the actual one (it almost seemed as though the person writing the itinerary had not been to many of the places as some suggestions were impractical – e.g. a routing from Ourika Valley to Fes via Meknes and Rabat in a single day!).

The driver and guides provided were all well informed and well spoken but somewhat inclined to ‘guide’ me to places where the intent was largely to get me to shop (which, after a credit card challenge in Marrakech, I was disinclined towards). The mountain guide in the Ourika Valley was magnificent, very patient and helpful on the rather strenuous hike.

My planned travel companion had visa problems (she is South African but lives in Nigeria and couldn’t get a visa – which as South Africans is a requirement – due to problems with her Nigerian work permit) and had to cancel at the last minute (after her planned arrival). Obviously, expecting a refund on the travel or accommodation was unrealistic given the late cancellation and the operator offered to give her a 20% discount if she books through them again.

The ‘personalised’ tour (i.e. own car and driver, rather than sharing with a bus load of others) was fantastic and the accommodation was superb throughout. If I return to Morocco, I would plan for something similar.
Client: Silvia Portnoy - from Argentina
Trip: Eternal Imperial Cities & High Atlas of Morocco
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: We have just come back home from our holidays.

Visiting Morocco was an exciting and unforgettable experience: the people, the landscapes, the cities, the food, everything was just wonderful. We absolutely enjoyed it.

As mentioned by the operators advertisements, we are back home “with plenty of tales of Arabian days and nights”; I can still smell the spices, the flowers, the fresh of the Ourika valley. By the way, Mr Karim kindness and hospitality at the Kasbah Omar has to be highlighted. He also helped us in exploring the beautiful valley leading us in two wonderful walks.

The trip went on as planned. Riads and hotels were great, as well as restaurants and foods in our dinners. Guides and visits were very well coordinated. Everything on time and the trip fulfilled every word committed by the tour operator in the package we bought.

Said, the driver that spent with us the whole visit, was perfect; always on time, ready to help us in every question we asked, excellent driver, at all times taking care of our safety and comfort. Meeting Said is part of the nice memories we have from our trip.

Summing up and for the requested feedback, I would qualified my holiday with a 100. Hope to visit Morocco again!!!!
Client: Robert and Karen Grozier - from Australia
Trip: Moroccan Caravan Adventure Tour
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: Thank you for your assistance in passing on our enquiry to such an efficient company. We think the trip was one of the best we have taken.

We had a wonderful time with our driver Mohamed who took very good care of us throughout. It was great that he was always there to pick us up from outings which made for a very stress free trip. His driving, in sometimes very difficult conditions such as heavy snow in the High Atlas was to be commended. We feel we saw much more than was in the itinerary and people we have since spoken to have been amazed at what we actually fitted into the twelve days.

Regarding the dinners, all included, we could not fault them from the Styze club in Marrakech to the homecooked meals in the Riads.

By chance we were invited to a Berber wedding which was being held next to our Riad out of Marrakech which was a real bonus. Stayed with it till midnight. A lot of fun.

Even though we were guided everywhere, we felt we got to experience the local flavour and so believe our trip was wonderful value. Because of the spread of accomodation the operator supplied from very good small riads to the opulent riad in Fez we feel we have certainly seen a wide cross section of Moroccan life.

Finally, thanks to them for organising all this at what was very short notice. It all went very smoothly thanks to Mohamed.
Client: Dr Richard Zapanta & Family - from United States
Trip: Moroccan Caravan Adventure Tour
Rating: rating 5/5
Comment: I'd like to inform you that we had the most amazing and out-of-this-world experience while vacationing in Morocco.

Our driver Abdel was not only very careful and cordial but also extremely hospitable and eager to share with us the Moroccan lifestyle. We are most appreciative of him opening up his home for a home-made chicken cous-cous meal with his lovely family. It truly made our trip more than personal now that we have a 'new family' in Morocco!

We will highly recommend this trip with this company to our friends who have seen, from our pictures, the many splendors of Moroc!

We hope to travel back very soon as we know there are many other treasures yet to be seen!

Again, we give our highest marks to your agency and it's tour guides/driver.

Thank you so very much!
Client: Carol Sporleder - from United States
Trip: Discover the Best of Morocco
Rating: rating 4.5/5
Comment: We returned last Tuesday from Spain and Morocco. I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we all had.

Our driver Abdul was waiting for us when we got off the boat in Tangier with a very nice and comfortable van. Abdul did a wonderful job. He was a great driver and was always punctual and very helpful.

Our stay at the Riad in Fez was wonderful. The staff was so attentive. Our rooms and the courtyard and garden areas were just beautiful. We had a very enjoyable day in Fez with our guide Abdul (another Abdul) and a delicious dinner with entertainment at Maison Blue.

The following day we really enjoyed Meknes, Volubilis, lunch at Moulay Idriss and finally Chefchaoen. What a beautiful town. Our Riad here, although not as luxurious as the one in Fez, was so conveniently located near the main square.

The people of Morocco were very friendly and welcoming to us.

We were all very impressed with the beautiful mosaics in all the buildings we visited but the most pleasant surprise of all was the delicious food. We absolutely loved the Moroccan salads, pastilla, and the tajines, and fresh fruits and most of all the mint tea. When I got home, I bought a Moroccan cookbook immediately.

If there was one complaint, it was that all the interesting presentations in Fez (ceramics, carpet, tannery, cloth ) also included a bit of high pressure sales after the presentation. All three couples bought mosaic tables which we are looking forward to enjoying in our yards here in California.

Thank you to the operator for organizing a trip to Morocco that we will never forget.

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Morocco Mountains & Beach Tour

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