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Affiliate Partner Programme

Our Affiliate Partner Programme features enhanced options to easily integrate with your website!

We currently offer two solutions for partners to add travel products to their business model.

  1. An advanced banner style (240x240) trip selecter box.
  2. A complete solution for affiliate partners to add hundreds of Africa travel products to their website in a self contained travel section.

Both solutions can be easily incorporated into the html of a website with one line of code. (compatible with wordpress sites)

Key Benefits of our Affiliate Partner Programme

  • Generate a new unique revenue stream selling quality African safaris, tours and activity travel products to your visitors.
  • Easy set-up (in minutes!)
  • We take care of everything, tracking bookings, affiliate payments and customer service.

Affiliate Payments

  • We pay affiliate partners for each booked and completed travel product, resulting from an affiliate generated travel product enquiry.
  • We provide affiliate enquiry and payment reports within the affiliate partners account area.
  • Join or contact us for full details of our payment rates.

Select Box Plugin

Affiliate Websites

Sites falling into any category or type below are not accepted into our Affiliate Partner Programme.

  • Sites under construction, sites that show or cause any type of error, doorway pages, sites or pages with automatic redirect.
  • Sites containing or promoting the following types of content: libelous, defamatory, obscene, abusive, violent, bigoted, hate-related, illegal, cracking, hacking, hunting, anti-brand messaging or that offer illegal goods or services
  • Sites that copy or resemble the look and feel of the AfricaGuide website or create the impression that your site is our site or a part of our site unless a feature of our programme specifically allows it.
This plugin can start with none (as below) or any of the countries in the select being pre-selected (as below).
Variations can be created for different areas of your website.

1. Demos redirecting to us.


2. Demo redirecting to a "Travel Section Plugin" page (would be located at your website).

Travel Section Plugin

We do evaluate each affiliate partner applications suitability for this plugin.

View Demos
  • Creates a complete self-maintaining Africa travel product section at your website with hundreds of travel choices.
  • The resulting travel product section can utilise custom css to fit with the look and feel of your website.
  • Incorporates browser Back and Forward navigation functionality and page Bookmarking to your website.
  • Your visitors stay at your website, seamlessly interacting with the travel products provided by the "plugin", at no point do they leave your site.
  • Fully responsive content, automatically resizing for any device, orientation or container holding the "plugin" code.
  • The "plugin" can be set to start with all travel products, or those in a country, national park or a type of travel product to blend with your websites subject matter.
  • All plugin options are controlled in your affiliates account area with no need to change any "plugin" code placed at your website.
  • Your "Select Box Plugins" can be associated (point to) your "Travel Section Plugin". (see demo 2 above)

Travel Section Plugin Performance Tracking

If set by the affiliate partner in their account area, detailed performance tracking for this "plugin" can be tracked by the partners own Google Analytics.

If you would like to include our Affiliate Partner plugins at your website, please complete our Join form.
Of course if you wish to discuss it first, please feel free to contact us.

We are always open to discuss working together.

Phil & Vera
AfricaGuide Founders

Plugin Code Example

<script async data-cfasync="false" type="text/javascript" src="url-to-plugin-script" id="plugin-unique-id"></script>

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