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KuanguKuangu - Luxury Cabin

Located in: Namibia - Sesriem

Situated in the peaceful solitude of an idyllic valley, in the heart of the desert, near Sossusvlei dunes, KuanguKuangu is the ideal place for travellers who seek tranquillity and intimacy.

KuanguKuangu  - Luxury Cabin


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KuanguKuangu - Luxury Cabin


The main characteristic of KuanguKuangu is the diversity of the different desert landscapes in the region. The great expanses of sand and the rocky plains alternate with endless areas of savannah grass, majestic mountain ranges, and patches of vegetation which surround the stretches of bright red sand. The variety of the flora and the fauna is as fascinating as the nuances in the colours of the landscape, which change continually over the course of each day. These surroundings are unique, undergoing constant transformation, and cannot be captured by photographers, nor depicted in books. One can only experience it, on the spot, here at KuanguKuangu.

The natural materials used for the construction of KuanguKuangu blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape. Combinations of vibrant earth tones and raw materials such as canvas, wood, stones, logs and sand in an essential wilderness mix to keep a sense of the old safaris, transcending the ephemeral nature of modern decor fashions to harmonise with the natural world.

KuanguKuangu has one main room, which opens out towards the valley, and is centered around a bed. You will be able to enjoy at leisure both sun up and sun down on the Barchan dunes. Simple and uncluttered, the bedroom with a spectacular view is an oasis of quietness and inspiration. Behind this main room are the bathroom and the kitchen, built around a rock in perfect harmony with the natural environment. This open-air part of KuanguKuangu offers a panoramic view of the mountains situated behind KuanguKuangu during daytime… or of the starry heaven as soon as night has fallen (the Namib desert is reputedly the best place in Southern Africa to observe the stars). The starry sky in southerly direction will thus be visible to the naked eye, unobstructed, from the rock around which KuanguKuangu is built. KuanguKuangu comes from "Omukuangukuangu", a word used by the Ovambo people, meaning the milky way.

It is neither a lodge, nor a hotel. KuanguKuangu is a unique structure, an exclusive accommodation in Namibia, and was designed for a maximum of two people (if you are more, you might be able to find accommodation for the others of your group at the guestfarm “Barchan Dune”, situated at five minutes walking distance from KuanguKuangu).

How To Find Us

To reach Kuangukuangu from Windhoek:

Take the B1 until Rehoboth (the last petrol station before you reach Kuangukuangu is at Rehoboth).

About 5 km after Rehoboth, turn right onto the C24 until you reach Nauchas.
Turn right onto the D1275, which will take you over the Spreetshoogte pass. About 20 km further on, you will see, on your left, a fence saying "Barchan Dune": turn off. Here you take the private road to go to the guestfarm of Willem and Hannetjie (3km), who will welcome you and will show you where Kuangukuangu is located. You will then discover your own accommodation in Namibia.

It takes approximately 3 hours to get Kuangukuangu from Windhoek.


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Pricing Details

90 euros per night
Two adults maximum (if you are more, you might be able to find accommodation for the others of your group at the farm, situated at five minutes walking distance from Kuangukuangu).

Dinner at the guestfarm: 23€ per person, drinks and wine included
Breakfast at the guestfarm: 7€ per person
Lunch pack (home made sandwiches, vegetables etc): 5€ per person
Braai pack to BBQ yourselves at Kuangukuangu (potatoes, sausage, piece of meat): 7€ per person
Farm-drive: 13€ per farm-drive

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